Ghost Of Christmas Past Research Paper

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Have you ever had a Christmas miracle? Ebenezer Scrooge was a mad man. On Christmas Eve, his old partner Jacob Marley´s spirit came to warn him that three spirits were going to see him that night. The first one would be the ghost of Christmas Past, the second was the ghost of Christmas Present, and the last was the ghost of Christmas Future, but which one was the most influential? The first ghost was there to show Scrooge his past, from where it all began. When Ebenezers sister was ill from having her child, she asked him to watch after her son. When Ebenezer came home to his wife a few months later she was arguing about how he loved money, money, and more money. She had had enough of his nonsense, so she took off her wedding band and he…show more content…
He could not understand why this was happening to him. He would have the chance to take back some of the mistakes he had made. The ghost of Christmas present showed Scrooge how he was treating Bob Cratchit, a man who worked for him and was poor. Cratchit's son Tiny Tim was really sick. The ghost told Scrooge that the child could die if not helped soon, but Crachit did not havce enough money to pay for the treatment his son needed. The last ghost is the ghost that appeared most scary to Ebenezer. He himself said he hated the spirits deathly domain. When he saw a body covered with a sheet he was shocked. He could not bare not knowing who was under the sheet. When the body was uncovered, Scrooge felt bad enough that it was the assistants son. He now felt helpless and afraid. Now he knew what the future would hold for Tiny Tim and himself. After seeing the child, Ebenezer also saw himself in a grave and knew he had to try to make up for his mischievous ways. The most influential spirit was the Ghost of Christmas future. I know this because Scrooge finally felt bad enough to try and do good for the people who felt bad for him. He did not want pity for being lonely. In the end Ebenezer was a happy and jolly old man who done good for his assistant. Scrooge had changed his ways for the better all because of three
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