Ghost Of Spirit Bear Summary

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The book Ghost of Spirit Bear is a sequel to the book Touching Spirit Bear. I enjoyed this book because it has a good story and plot. While this book is not as adventurous or moving as the first book Ghost of Spirit Bear still has a good plot and creates vivid pictures in your mind while reading. I prefered Touching Spirit Bear over this book because it has more adventure and a more shocking story. The book consists mainly of the same characters but more were added when Peter and Cole go to school. The next main difference is that Peter and Cole are friends. Coming back to school is a tough transition for both of them, they’re constantly getting bullied and being called mean things. Cole notices some things that make him very upset for instance…show more content…
They later find out that the white blob happened to be the blanket of a homeless man. Both curious about this mysterious homeless man they rush over to where he was but when they get there he vanished. The pair of friends start having more problems. They encountered one of the gangs from their school. One of the members decided to beat up Peter, Cole did not take this lightly and punches him in return. Unluckily a teacher sees Cole and sends them all to the principal’s office. Cole tries to explain what happened but his effort falls upon deaf ears. This is not the only encounter with the bullies that the two have. This time the gang tries to beat them up but this time they have a new strategy. Peter hides his phone and calls their principal while all this is happening. The strategy works however their principal doesn’t like the idea of students having her phone number. Feeling hopeless and out of options the boys go to Garvey for support, he tells them to fight without words, left confused and slightly angry Cole is not sure what to do. The next time the gang comes at them Cole decides to sit down because he figures that they wouldn’t fight people sitting down. Unfortunately the leader Keith doesn’t care and kicks Cole in the ribs. Luckily their principal drove by and noticed them, the gang tries to reason with her but she doesn’t buy it
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