Ghost On Black Mountain Analysis

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In Ann Hite's suspenseful masterpiece, Ghost on Black Mountain, five women become unknowingly connected by one man, Hobbs Pritchard. The story begins from the point of view of Nellie Pritchard, who gives up everything to move to her husband's home on Black Mountain. She quickly notices that Hobbs is not well liked on the mountain. Through Nellie's interactions and conversations with other characters, including several ghosts, readers uncover the reasons why Hobbs is hated and often avoided by the others on Black Mountain. Through the account of Josie Clay, Nellie's mother, readers are able to learn more about the events of Nellie's childhood, which play a role in her decision to marry Hobbs Pritchard without knowing much about him. In the accounts of Shelley Parker, Rose Gardner, and Iona Harbor, both the good and evil sides of Hobbs are portrayed. Throughout each of these stories, readers also come to understand more about why Nellie murdered Hobbs, the consequences that action had on her life and…show more content…
Merlin is a driving factor in Hobbs Pritchard's murder, as he seeks revenge against Hobbs for murdering him. Merlin gets into Nellie's head and physically into her home and persuades her that it is okay to kill Hobbs. In order to ensure his revenge is enacted, Merlin prevents Shelley from warning Nellie to simply leave the mountain. After Hobbs' death, Merlin again impacts the actions of the women of this novel. This time, he appears in front of the car that Iona is driving Lonnie Allen to Chapel Hill in. This ultimately results in the car wreck and Lonnie Allen's death. This seems to be an attempt by Merlin to erase the legacy of Hobbs, including his two children, Iona and Lonnie. The ghost of Hobbs himself appears to Lonnie, Iona, Jack, and Rose, letting them know that he is still has influence, power, and control over their lives, even from beyond the
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