Ghost Rider Film Analysis

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Marvel one of the many greatest company for movies of our decade but for a company as good as marvel even they can have a few duds and here to count them down.
10. Nicolas Cage ghost rider Spirit vengeance- the reason this is on the list Afore I repine about how awful this film conjecture I should genuinely verbalize about some of the cool things in this film. Affirmative, there genuinely were a few. Ghost Rider looks scarcely cooler now. His skull is charred, as well as his jacket, so overall, the character looks marginally better than he did in the first film..but This film is still one of the worst of all the comic book films in the 21st century. There was potential for greatness in it, especially since the first film was a decent start
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Elektra- A sequel to daredevil Elektra isn’t even a dumpster fire of a movie; a dumpster fire would have a more coherent plot than Elektra. I optically canvassed this movie twice in a row and I still don’t celebrate this movie has a story. It might be a nihilistic experiment in how long an audience can keep visually examining something afore giving up on life. (And additionally the human race.)So here’s the plot: Elektra is an assassin and her old master manipulates her into for finding Abby, an inscrutable “treasure” who can tip the balance of good and evil in the world by her cull. Abby’s powers denote that villainous ninja clan kennedy as the Hand is chasing her down. This is all distributed in one stilted conversation at the 1:04 mark, because it takes that long for the plot to get even proximate to being…show more content…
That’s not long for most comic book movies these days, but Elektra limps through that time like a gazelle with four broken legs. It’s painfully slow—the first 20 minutes are staunch to Elektra wandering around her house. This is the first movie I’ve ever optically discerned where OCD is given to a character for the purport of product placement. An excruciating 30 seconds are allegiant to this Elektra has plenty of time to show its hero straightening up, but somehow virtually no time to authentically name its characters.
4.X-Men Origins: Wolverine- The Quandary with this Film is that it looks cool It limpidly endeavoring to be good but it fails so deplorably.This Film was to betokened a series Called X men Inceptions and this movie is the only one in the series i wonder why! Maybe it’s because this movie was so lamentable that the engenderer wanted nothing to do with this film or other ones. alot about this film gets me mad and it is just apostatize everything the comics stand for and a lot of this film can piss of die hard wolverine
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