Ghost Shirt Society Analysis

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Ghost Shirt Society rebels for asserting the place human beings in the society and establishing a strong and well-defined social organization to favor people. According to them only sixty percent of the people realize the consequence in the major industrial cities and the members of the society try to create awareness for the rest. Without Paul’s father’s name he cannot succeed in life. Paul is admired by Alfy Tucci, because he likes his skill. He works in television station and sometimes appears as a cook of Meadows. Though Alfy Tucci admires the skills of Paul, he does not join in Ghost Shirt Society. Many people compell him to join in the society as a member. He has a lot of hesitation in joining the society as a member. He likes to retain his individual identity. His unique identity prevents him from joining in a group as a member. Like Alfy Tucci a lot of people drop out of society to preserve their individual identity in the society. This is not only in Homestead, but throughout the country. The chapter takes place at Meadows, the meeting place for engineers and managers, who occupy the top ranking in the society. . For example, Doctor Garth destroys the Oak, the symbol of the company’s unity; Harrison shows his disapproval for the Meadows; Doctor Finnerty quits his government job to become a leader in the revolt of the Homesteaders. This minor rebellion is centers around the machinery world and the relationship with the society. Doctor Paul, is shown
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