Ghost Still Exist In The Renaissance Cosmology

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In recent years, especially the last 5 or 6 years, people have been drawn to ghost hunting. Shows, such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, have been taking the spotlight in television. These shows and the newfound interest in ghost hunting has come due to the advancement of technology. Technology has advanced so much that people who have hunted ghosts in the past are able to more definitively claim that there are ghosts. Those that believe in ghosts come from a Medieval and Renaissance cosmology. Some people believe ghosts are from the medieval cosmology because ghosts can only be angels or demons. People who believe in the renaissance cosmology see ghosts as being either good or bad because they feel as though they can transcend to the unreachable place to see the ghosts. Both cosmologies recognize ghosts, however each…show more content…
Another item that most ghost hunters use is EMF meters. EMF stands for electromagnetic forces which was first noted in the Victorian era. However, the EMFs were unable to be read until we reached into today’s world because the technology just was not there. EMF meters are used to measure the strength of the electromagnetic force that an item, be it appliance or ghost, gives off daily. Investigators use these meters to measure ghost energy. Problem is that even if a refrigerator has given off the same reading for years, the refrigerator could spike causing a reading higher than normal and cause the ghost hunter to think that it was caused by a ghost (). The change could be caused for a variety of reasons. Reasons such as tripping the wires on and off, moving appliances, and an excessive amount of electrical products on one extension cord or power line could cause either an increase or decrease in the EMF reading (). These changes can cause the ghost hunter to think that they are in the presence of a
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