Ghosts In Horror Movie 'Haunting'

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Term Definition: Haunting The process of haunting is, in a way, is a depiction of people 's fear and a visual manifestation of guilt. “Haunting is the cost of subjugation. It is the price paid for violence, for genocide” (Tuck/ Ree: 643). In most horror movies the hero is portrayed as an innocent individual who must destroy the monster. Although appearances can be deceiving, and in certain instances, it is difficult to identify who the real monster is. Colonization created a separation of people, placing importance on one group while making the other killable. Ghosts in horror movies are generally portrayed as the monsters that need to be eradicated, which is indicative how minorities are disregarded and even killed in a word of white privilege. Haunting is an approach of retaliating and shedding light on how an individual or group is mistreated for not fitting into the mold that society deems acceptable and no threatening at any given time. Horror movies and narratives about haunting alter with time, to better illustrate the state of the world and what people fear at the time. “For ghosts, the haunting is the resolving, it is not what needs to be resolved” (Tuck/ Ree: 642). Although the genre of horror has advanced and changed with time, it still mainly portrays the notion of ‘self’ within the context of ‘whiteness’, while the…show more content…
An individual can close to disengage with an aspect of a culture or be integrated within multiple. The human collective and the individual is comprised of multiple ideas, experiences, and associations. In certain instances, one can choose where one is placed within a culture or group while in others that decision is made by another. Culture as well as identity are fluid and can change based on how an individual reacts or chooses not to
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