Ghosts James Nwoye Summary

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SYPNOSIS “Ghosts” is a story about a 71-year-old retired university professor named James Nwoye. His life revolves around by the memoirs or can be called ghosts of his past such as his deceased wife, Ebere, who died due to counterfeit drugs and his associate, Ikenna, who thought to be dead for a long time. The story started when James is asking for his pension in the university because of his retirement but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get it, which he expected to happen, then he meets a person whom everyone presumed dead after long years because he thought that Ikenna was killed during the Nigeria-Biafran war. There, they speak about the old days, Ikenna speaks about how he lived because Red Cross helped him escaped and went to Sweden. The professor told Ikenna that his daughter Zik died during the war but had another daughter named Nkiru, who is a general practitioner in the US, and how his wife died which brings back the pain he felt for her lost and he also tells about the regular visitation of his wife at their home and have done things as the way she used to do when she was alive, and after all this he does not have the courage to tell her daughter about it. The story ended by letting the readers recognize that both, Ikenna and Ebere, were the ghosts of James, whether in the past and…show more content…
mainly about a particular person. Biographical approach is a literary work that focused on the author’s life or personal experiences or the author’s life connection to his works. This approach helps the reader understand the work of the author through his life experiences. The approach is also linked with historical approach relating it to the author’s previous life events. Using this approach is quite critical, the reader or analyst should be careful and certain on what they know about the author. Extensive research must be done to be able to have a good critique of this
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