Giallo Film Analysis

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You may know about slasher films but did you know that it was influenced by the Italian giallo genre? Slasher films typically involve a violent psychopath stalker murdering several youthful people, usually with bladed tools whilst, Italian giallo films are inspired by horror thriller books sold in Italy in the mid-20th century. Viewed separately, as two individual genres, they both are very similar in their use of camera shots. The use of first-person shots from the killer’s point of view gives the addition the front row seats to the kill and hidden the killer identity. Close up shots emphasized on the victim's emotion and to objects that will play a part to the murderer psych. Giallo films feature a slightly more sophisticated artistic approach not gorier versions of the same type of story that feature thrillers, mystery, and murder. However, when it comes to giallo films it had to credit the laid groundwork of Mario Bava. Mario Bava (31 July 1914 – 27 April 1980) was an Italian filmmaker known for his incredible cinematography and use of color in the atmosphere. A notable film of his was "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" which would be known as the…show more content…
Thus, giving American filmmakers the inspiration of creating the slasher genre. Ultimately making him the influence of the American slasher movement in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Films like Halloween and Friday the 13th got their inspiration from the giallo film, but giallo film influence goes much deeper than that. for example one of among all of his giallo films from Mario Bava, one film stands out for sharing several direct connections to slasher films.1971’s A Bay of Blood show on Figure 3 had been released in other regions under different titles like Twitch of the Death, Carnage, Bloodbath and even The Last House on the Left: Part II. Figure 2: by Nat Brehmer, A Bay of
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