Giant Pacific Octopus Research Paper

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The Giant Pacific Octopus is a complex creature inside and out. From its appearance to its organs, this 8-legged animal never fails at impressing mankind. This Octopus, being one of the largest, is also one of the most common. Although it is the most common, it is certainly the most extravagant. The Giant Pacific Octopus is a unique creature with complex habitats, physical characteristics, survival methods, and interactions with other organisms.

The Giant Pacific Octopus flourishes in the Pacific Ocean. To be specific, it is most commonly found on the West coast of North America and the East Coast of Asia (Roumanis, 2015).The Benthic part of the ocean about 330 ft. deep is said to be where most live. Like many land animals, this Octopus finds or builds a den. Once a den is found, it will stay its home until it feels threatened or needs food (Kalupa, 2012).
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For example, this Octopus has a beak, nine brains, eight boneless legs, large eyes, and three hearts. The beak is located in the head part of its body, and is made out of the same materials as human fingernails (Roumanis, 2015). This Octopus, being fairly large, has nine brains to control its body. Having nine brains allows it to navigate all eight legs. The Giant Pacific Octopus has three hearts for two different tasks. Two are used for pumping blood to its gills, and one to pump blood to the rest of the body. All these organs/limbs are held together by a mantle, a fleshy substance used to hold the body together (Gish, 2014). It is these characteristics that allow this octopus to hunt, and defend

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