Giant Panda Persuasive Essay

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Pandas have been a huge part in China. This animal symbolizes peace and friendship in the Chinese culture. Pandas can grow up to be about 6 feet high. They can weigh up to 300 pounds and the males weighing more than females by at least 25%. Pandas are capable of climbing trees very easily because of their claws. With very few enemies other than people, the life expectancy of a wild Panda is about 30 years or more. However, Giant Pandas are endangered. Their numbers are decreasing with about only a couple hundred left in the world. Giant Pandas are hunted for their fur and for many other different reasons. We should keep pandas alive in order to not cause an imbalance in the food chain and the environment.
Pandas could live in the deep forest, snow and near rocks. Due to their fur, it provides camouflage for safety. Panda spends about at least 10 hours a day looking for food and sometimes they eat grass, bark, stem, leaf, and some wild plants. If they get a chance, they also feed on bamboo rats. They don't hibernate during the winter but they try to find and eat Bamboo and try to survive in the area. The fur of the giant panda is thick and
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If pandas were to go extinct then it would cause a dramatic change in the food system and the environment. I think every mammal was created for a reason and when it is gone then it will cause a chain effect in a negative and positive way. Once a certain species is gone then it will be gone forever unless scientists find a way to somehow bring it back. I think we have caused the pandas to be endangered because we have destroyed their environment. If we had not have bothered their habitat then they would have lived perfectly

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