Species Survival Plan

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Kaitlyn Bogacz
Cori Brown
Emily Dunlap Species Survival Plan: Giant Pangolin (Smutsia gigantea)
Current Position The giant pangolin or giant ground pangolin (Smutsia gigantea) is a terrestrial mammal and is the largest member of the pangolins, sometimes referred to as scaly anteaters. The giant pangolin was previously categorized as near threatened with The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2008, and it was updated to vulnerable in 2014. The total census population is believed to be decreasing; however, due to the natural history traits of the animal, there is no real data concerning population numbers, density, nor effective population numbers. The threats facing the giant pangolin include: exploitation for meat and for traditional
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This will be done by enforcing the laws in a more rigid and complete manner. This will be accomplished through increased regulations and improved recognition of regulations. This goal will aid in the fight against the illegal hunting of giant pangolins that is decreasing their numbers so dramatically. Education of the effects of ignoring these regulations, both through legal penalties and the devastation it is causing to the species, will also be emphasized. This will encourage those who do hunt giant pangolins to see the consequences of their actions, both legally and environmentally. Through legal penalties and fines, the amount of hunting and poaching taking place will be reduced over time. This plan also has the goal of establishing, promoting, and improving breeding programs. So far there has been little success of breeding programs due to the lack of research of the specific habitat and diet needs of the species. This plain aims to develop more successful and educated breeding programs through extensive research, so that programs can properly care and aid to the proper needs of the pangolins in thier care. Another goal of this plan is to establish alternative food resources for the people in areas that rely on the giant pangolin as a food source, as well as alternative means…show more content…
If researchers are able to study and run test on a breeding pair of giant pangolin they could discover their reproduction pattern. By understanding their reproduction patterns researchers can increase the population in captivity increasing the population size in the wild. Researchers could also determine how to sustain the lives of baby pangolin that are born in captivity.

Action: Alternate food sources
Priority Rating: Medium priority
Low Cost
Majority of pangolin meat is sold on the black market to other members of the community. If the community was provided with a different form of a food source then they would not poach and kill giant pangolins. Another food source would not be moving to a different animal that could in return be hunted down to almost extinction, but to foods that are created by plants like Jackfruit.

Action: Global protection awareness
Priority Rating: Low priority
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