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INTRODUCTION Giardia Lamblia is a protozoan parasite. About 200 million people had infected in the world but this value just an estimate since that only 500 000 of new cases reported in a year. Previously, higher prevalence of occurance in the developing countries (20% and 30%) compare to developed countries (2% and 5%) (Wilson, 1984; Farthing, 1994).. Malaysia was considered as the developing country. Giardia lamblia may infect human through ingesting of it cysts. Hence, people with low hygiene and contaminated water supply have high risk of being infected. Giardia lamblia is difficult to detect especially using the conventional method . Those few researches was done to improve the findings of this parasite. One of the most effective and precise method was molecular analysis. Molecular analysis is a well-known method and recently used by researchers. Using this…show more content…
The variant which are mismatches, intra-assemblages variant, and mixed positions were found higher in triose phosphate isomerase (tpi) than in beta-giardin (bg) gene sequences (Julie Bonhomme et al., 2011). The study also found that there is no association between sub-genotypes, clinical symptoms and Metronidazole sensitivity. Metronidazole is a medicine for Giardia Lamblia infection. Another study in Egypt in 2011, state that the advantage of using giardin genes as targets for the molecular detection of Giardia Lamblia is that the genes are unique for Giardia Lamblia only. This study also found mixture of genotype when genotyping the beta-giardin gene, while the triose phosphate isomerase and glutamate dehydrogenase genes only showed single Assemblage. The presence of more than one Assemblage is possible because the host may get infected from genetically different Giardia Lamblia cyst or the host may get another infection of Giardia Lamblia after had been infected by the same

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