Gibbs Reflective Cycle Model

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Introduction Over the past few months we have taken part in different activities in the class including leadership workshops and coaching. All the activities carried out each week have been link to different aspect of leadership development. The aim of this reflective report is to critically analyze the activities by looking at the group roles, dynamics and find out the effectiveness of the theory. I will be using Gibbs reflective cycle model (Gibbs, 1988) as a framework to reflect my learnings. Activity A - Leadership coaching Description ‘Coaching can be ‘hands on’ and it can be ‘one step removed’; either way I call it coaching. Whether we label it coaching, counseling or mentoring, if done well, its effectiveness will depend in large…show more content…
41). It is a couple of productive relationship between coach and coachee that helps with growth and development opportunities so as to produce bound outcomes. A good rapport between the coach and the coachee may be a product of self-awareness, trust and communication. A positive coach coachee relationship is prognosticative of an effective coaching. Therefore, the coaching relationship built on mutual trust and a positive working relationship is one in every of the foremost necessary components in coaching…show more content…
The nature of the psychodynamic approach supported the implementation of the chosen case study “HBR Unmanageable star performer”. The case study was summarized for the workshop participants; the main idea was to find which stage the transaction was happening, participants been brief on ego stage. The question was what action could be taken to make Stephan and Vijay’s ego state compatible and reach the golden stage? Participants had several debates as to which ego stage was the transaction happening between Vijay and Stephan. “Co-coordinator’s” (Belbin, 1993) role was adopted by Maddie, although she did focus on the team objective and delegate the workload to each member, with the team member not completing the task meant that the model was not successful. Being a coordinator Maddie was also an innovator the idea of the workshop came from her, suggesting that the belbin team role model could not measure her personality. Feelings Due to the team’s lack of preparation and understanding of the theory by the team members meant that the participants were left confused as to what we are trying to

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