Gift Differing: Understanding Personality Theory

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Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type is a world-famous book written by Isabel Briggs Myers in cooperation with Peter B. Myers. The book offers an insight into the psychology of a personality, providing a detailed description and explanation of the 16 main types of personality that were previously identified in the work by Briggs and Myers. After having been published, this book earned much recognition among the readers and became a bestseller. The book presents an understanding of the Jung 's psychological types modified and adapted in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test. The value of the book is found in that it shows an immense influence that a person 's style of perception and behavior has on one 's personal…show more content…
The book offers a valuable insight into the psychology of a personality and the processes that are connected with the functioning of person 's preferences. However, some critics believed that this book does not have the necessary basis and the necessary proofs to support the author 's ideas. The first point by such considerations is the lacking formal qualification of Isabel Briggs Myers in the field of psychology. Thus, this book is viewed in many cases as the one which would never be accepted by psychological establishments and recognized within the scientific world. The supporters of this approach argue if the author has correctly understood and interpreted the principles of Jung 's theory regarding the personality nature. If her perception of Jung 's ideas was mistaken, then the whole methodology on which the identification of personality types is based would be considered unsound. The opponents of Myer 's ideas state that even Jung himself realized that his typology functions while applying to particular individuals. Besides, many would consider the claims and the explanations provided by Myer in her book as too vague and the ones that could be used referring to anyone. One more point for critics is the simple way of the presentation of information in the book. It is easily understandable for people and has a clear structure which helps the readers to get the main idea of the reading. Besides, the book does not contain any hard comprehensible terms and lexical…show more content…
In conclusion, the book Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type written by Isabel Briggs Myers and explaining the peculiarities of the MBTI test provides a trustworthy idea that the life of any individual is highly influenced by a set of characteristics that define one 's personality type. Speaking about this idea, there are both supporters and critics of the book. Nevertheless, the book performs an important function of teaching people that diversity is a norm and that there is a necessity to evaluate the behavior of others in correspondence with their personality type. The book promotes an idea that all people have some specific gifts and characteristic features that promote throughout the life and identify person 's ability to become successful or to live in harmony with the surrounding world. Respectively, this book is worth reading for people who would like to explore themselves as well as for people who would benefit from better understanding others. This is the most crucial achievement of the book in terms of creating a sufficient basis for the understanding of the other people and

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