Gift Of Gratitude Analysis

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1.The Gift of Gratitude
I think the gift of gratitude pertains to seminar because first of all we need to have gratitude for what the teachers are teaching us because a lot of it is useful. Especially the seven habits of highly effective teens because it shows us how we should be to reach the goals we want to reach and live a happy and successful life. When we did the pay it forward sale it helps us to show gratitude because a lot of us have more than we need and we can use that to help other people have a better life than what they have been given so far.
I think this is even more important in real life because if you are not grateful for what you have in your life you will always want more and you will never be satisfied. If you don 't learn to have gratitude you might think the grass is greener on the other side and be depressed or angry that people have better lives than you. If you don 't have gratitude for the people around you it can come off as being ungrateful and can you lose you friends or even family members.
2.The Gift of Work
I think that the gift of work relates to seminar the best because if you don 't put in the work you don 't get the knowledge and skills you can learn from seminar. If you don 't put in the
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If you don 't know how to work and work hard you will either get fired or not get very far in your career of choice. An example from the movie would be if the guy that owned the ranch never fixed his fence when it went down his livestock would get out and he would have lost his money invested. He would eventually go bankrupt would have to find a new career. Even in highschool if you get a job somewhere if you don 't know how to work you could get fired or you could get less hours meaning less money or no job. Relating this to the movie if Jason would have gotten a job in high school he may never have been lazy and unwilling to

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