Symbolism In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice is a novel that many people adore and will continue to read into the next century. With the passage of time, more people want to understand the books at a deeper level and develop a new thirst for understanding, gifts are becoming more of a staple for book lovers because of this. Jane Austen gifts are a new-found media for the symbolism that is the culture surrounding the idea of romance and femininity. These symbols can be seen through the way that Jane Austen and her novels have been thrown into the limelight and how she is considered to be someone of high esteem.
The items that people buy are gifts that symbolize images or ideas from the books they would want to see or have a visual representation of. Some themes that
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For example, if you look at Buzzfeed’s list of Jane Austen gifts, and you look at the set of tea cookies, you can see the way the font and the colors work with the idea of being feminine (Austen Buzzfeed). The cookies are based on the story of Sense and Sensibility, which is another popular novel by Jane Austen. The cookies have a color scheme that shows a softness and a light that women are known to have. Society likes to give more dark, noticeable colors to men such as black or grays and shades of red. The colors that are most common are a light lavender with soft whites interspersed with pinks and yellows in the details on top of the treats. These colors are common in other gifts you can find, but they make the font that is usually paired with them more noticeable. The font usually has a hand-written feel to it or is filled with a lot of swirls that you can relate back to a women’s handwriting. Even the cookies at the bottom of the display, the broken-hearted one and just the ones that are whole, shows feminine qualities. The hearts symbolize the way that women share their feelings outwardly, rather than inwardly, like men. Sharing feelings and the way they are displayed are key factors that play into other gifts such as this one (Austen…show more content…
A black silhouette or drawing can be seen through a Colin Firth paperweight that is an artist’s rendition of him as Darcy (Austen Buzzfeed). The paperweight has a use that is something that people would want to use in everyday life while showing something about the person that owns the object. The drawing of Darcy (Colin Firth) is colorful and shows the awkwardness of his emotions that is displayed towards the public. Darcy plays a pivotal role in the progression of the book, so for a gift to show what the true characteristics of that character are, is something that would draw the eye of any Pride and Prejudice book
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