Gifts In The Movie: The Ultimate Gift

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Everyone in the world loves gifts. There is just something magical about not knowing and wondering if it is something you will love. If I chose one movie for everyone in the world to see, it would be, “The Ultimate Gift”. In this movie, the main character Jason, a spoiled man who lives off of his parents’ wealth, is granted a series of gifts from his grandfather’s will that ultimately change his life for the better. He assumes the “ultimate gift” will be one of great worth — money, but subsequently receives something of greater value. Jason along the way is offered the gifts of work, money, love, friends, laughter, giving, family, problems, learning, dreams, gratitude, and a day. He receives the gifts one at a time as he completes each given assignment. The combination of all these gifts makes up the ultimate gift — his new life. The first reason I chose this movie is it caused me to reflect on the values most important in life. My family has been a key factor in making my life more meaningful. I was born with Bladder Exstrophy, a rare birth defect. I have endured fourteen surgeries to make my life as “normal” as possible. Throughout this trial I have relied on my family. This brought to mind the gift of family, one of Jason’s grandfather’s gifts. In the movie Jason’s family is very wealthy and spends a lot of time arguing and comparing how much money each other has. Jason’s challenge was to spend time with them and realize family matters in life. A main theme of the
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