Gifts To Dark Gods Short Story

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Good morning everyone. Today I am going to share a story wich called” gifts to dark gods” According to Education Bureau, in Moral and civic education resources net. Love and Care also to be considerate are included. I do believe this story are suitable for our fellow students. because as a student, we always busy at work, only sometimes do we care about family. And for social life, we become impatient because of work. in dating our fd may late because of some classes or they absent dating because of homework, but we complain instead of considerate others. In this story, it is about a self-struggle of married women who called hellen. She becomes a lady of leisure. Since Chloe and Nick, her two daughters left for university, when she quit her job at the advertising company. Then somehow, she has an unknown addiction, she always steals two items. The rule is: two items a week by Friday at three in the afternoon. The items have to be from the same store, on the same floor, and they have to be different. She feels so painful in this, but no one notice that. She even cant tell it to her dear, because her…show more content…
Helen shakes her head so her husband tears up the card, throws it onto the tiny saucer. she puts the whole thing into her bag. Vase, water, flowers, everything. And keeps walking. She begins to breathe again. The trembling slows. becuz she finally got the gifts to dark gods however, Water drips from her bag onto her shoes. Helen thinks of the mess inside her bag. She imagines her wet driver's license,the photographs of her children, the card from Chloe, all destroyed by the water from a vase.suddenly, she relize that this addiction will affect her life, will destroy her life, Helen stops and walks back to the table, The two pieces of card are curling in the saucer. She places them together. her husband ask her is there any problem. she said "No. I'm fine," "I'll be fine." that’s mean she now have someone to share the
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