Gifts To The Dark Gods Helen Mccluskey Character Analysis

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INTRODUCTION Oxford dictionary describes a hero as someone who possesses courageous and noble qualities. Helen thoroughly shows these qualities throughout the story “Gifts to the Dark Gods” by Mary McCluskey. Having an addiction to anything no matter how wicked it may be, it is a disability that shouldn’t be the reason a women, who is good at heart, cannot be considered heroic. Although Helen fears the Dark Gods, she still appears to have the intention of putting an end to her compulsory desire of thievery. In the story “Gifts to the Dark Gods” by Mary McCluskey, Helen is a caring, kindhearted, heroic character. BODY PARAGRAPH #1 Topic Sentence: Courage, selflessness, and compassion are all qualities of a hero, and all qualities that Helen…show more content…
Being in an environment where Helen is constantly dealing with people who can be considered mentally unstable can have a big impact on Helen's behavior. It's like how parents with autistic children often show symptoms and traits of autism even though they do not have the disorder. 3) Helen was passionately involved with a course called "Writing and Madness", and Daniel had teased her for liking and understanding it. She says there is an irony that did not occur until much later which can be interpreted as she has gone mad. 4) It is part of human nature to explain the unexplainable, it is why we seek knowledge, and why we've created myths in the long past. Now when these myths were created the people of the time had believed in them, they thought it was the truth. Helen seems to be creating a "myth" of her own to explain her stealing habits, but not only has she created it, she fully believes in it. Closing Sentence: Helen’s habits are an outcome of her psychological issues and mental instability, although she faces all these issues she continues to try her best in being kindhearted, selfless, and caring, which are all characteristics of a

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