Gigantism Case Study Essay

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In the case scenario, Tim is a 3 years old child and his grow velocity is higher than other children of the same age. Alice is a 39 year-old widow who is Tim mother. Alice’s grandparents have history of endocrine disorder. He undergone some blood tests and radiological examination. His serum growth hormone level is much higher that the normal range which is the problem. The hypothesis is Tim has gigantism. Also, there are three learning objectives are related to the case scenario. The first learning objective is to understand the risk factors and signs and symptoms of gigantism. The second learning objective is to know the diagnostic tests of gigantism. The third learning objective is to understand the management of gigantism. This essay focus on the third learning objective which is the management of gigantism and explain the reasons of why the third learning objective is selected. Then, it discusses different types of treatments and the priority of treatment. Gigantism is a rare disease which lead to abnormal growth to the children, there only 100 cases of gigantism are reported in United States. (Children’s Health,2017). Although gigantism is a rare disease,…show more content…
Patients who are not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy may be the good choice to them. Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, also called Stereotactic Radiosurgery, which is usual and highly advanced radiotherapy for the patients who are gigantism. The aim of Gamma Knife is to help returning the growth hormone to normal level. Unlike traditional surgery, Gamma Knife Radiosurgery can deliver a dose of radiation to treat the tumor through highly-focused gamma ray. Although Gamma Knife is effective, patients need to take years for growth hormone return to normal level. So, it is not suitable for the patients who need immediate therapy. Radiotherapy usually is the last treatment for patients who are

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