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Gigi’s Playhouse Speech Our goal for Gigi’s Playhouse is to educate people on down syndrome because it’s a serious issue they need to be aware of. The problem we’ve run into is that when we ask people about down syndrome they don’t know much about it. This is a problem because when the people with down syndrome need help they don’t get help because those people don’t know how bad it is. We need to teach them how bad it is because then the people with down syndrome will get the help they deserve. Assist us by taking down syndrome down by donating to Gigi’s Playhouse. Gigi’s Playhouse is a non profit organization that supports men and women with down syndrome. Nancy Gianni is the founder of Gigi’s playhouse she wanted to help out people with down syndrome. After her daughter was born in 2002 and diagnosed with down syndrome she wanted to help others with down syndrome. She then made Gigi’s playhouse which is named after her daughter…show more content…
There’s also a 1 in 200 chance that your baby will be diagnosed with down syndrome. This shows that down syndrome is no joke and people need to know about it and be better educated. Baby’s born with down syndrome, 94% live to the age of one. 88% of babies born with it live to the age of two which is a really low rate. A person with down syndrome usually lives into their 60’s and other people live into their 70’s. A person with Down syndrome has a shorter life expectancy than another person’s life expectancy. If down syndrome cuts down the amount of time people live the issue should be addressed and people should be educated on it. The fight for down syndrome has made some strides as March 21st became national down syndrome day representing the 21st chromosome which causes down syndrome. With this becoming national down syndrome day it’s opened people’s eyes to the issue and has educated more people than in years
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