Gikuyu Tribe

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“Facing mount Kenya: The tribal life of the Gikuyu” is an interesting article about the system of education within the Gikuyu tribe. Education within the Gikuyu begins with the character of a person, first within their own family, then local groups, and lastly the tribe as a whole through different forms of initiation. The article explains that by having an understanding of a culture’s education, will allow for an understanding of the culture’s mind. Furthermore, it explains how education is constant starting at birth and ending at death; in between a person is learning about society and their roles within it. The Gikuyu model of education introduces a different approach to education that can be imitated throughout the world. As previously mentioned the Gikuyu tribe has an emphasis on education within their society. They allowed education to be a continuous part of every tribe member’s life. Three key points mentioned in this article address when a person is taught and how they are taught. It begins with an infant learning in the form of lullabies sung by his mother. According to the text in reference to lullabies it says “this is one of the methods by which the history of a people is passed on from generation to generation”. Secondly the children are taught through games that imitate the roles of men and woman in society. Lastly the article explains…show more content…
Ear piercing and circumcision are symbolic of a child now becoming an adult in the Gikuyu society. Through other symbolic teachings within this culture, children learn ways to provide for their family and advance the tribe as a whole. This tradition is seen in many other cultures. Unfortunately, within the African American community there is no universal right of passage. This can cause confusion in determining when a child becomes an adult or should take on adult task. An adoption of this custom will be beneficial to the African American
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