Gilded Age And The Progressive Era Essay

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The awareness of the public economic difference has yet brought focus back on to the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era in American history, a topic that hasn 't really been mentioned since the financial crisis, also known as the Global Financial Crisis that occurred in late 2007 leading into 2008. The periods we know as the Gilded Age and Progressive Era were focused more so on the wealth, which is why we compare that time to the time we live in today. Our problem when researching for historical analogies is that we tend to examine in past with our own personal assumptions, finding what all we want, which would consider us to be biased. We are honored to be able to observe the history of our country through the works of Michael McGerr 's A Fierce Discontent: The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Movement in America, 1870-1920. Up until today 's time, historians of the era had given up on the different impulses behind the reform efforts of the progressive era. A variety of reformers from the progressive movement wanted to put a stop to the uncontrolled energy industry in the American life. Reformers such as Jacob Riis and Jane Addams are far more interested in the problems of Americas immigrant working class expanding day to day. Others would like to see prohibition, safe democracy world wide, suffrage for females, and a better constitutional…show more content…
He makes an argument in the book that the progressive reform impulses were unified when they were looked at from the views of certain classes. Several of the middle-class Americans looked at the upper class and their personal expenditures as well as the "upper ten" and how they imposed several Americans who inspired reformers of the progressive movement, along with the presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore
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