Gilded Age Capitalism Analysis

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In the more developed regions of the world such as the United States, the United Nations and some of the Asian Countries, the form of economy there is Capitalism. Capitalism allows business owners to expand as much as they like since businesses are privately owned and the government have little to no influence on them. To the rich, capitalism is great, it allows them to be as rich as they want, but to the poor, capitalism only makes them poorer, it creates a disparity in social class system, and the varying changes in employment rate as a result of monopolization. Capitalism, due to monopolization makes the poor stay poor. To elaborate: a monopoly is when a person or a group owns the majority of the supply for the public. For example, back during the Gilded Age, there were many tycoons who prosper because they were able to monopolize their commodity such as Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. They were successful in their industry that they would be able to control the economy. This is bad for the poor, because back during the Gilded Age there was no minimum wage requirement, no healthcare benefits, so people were under paid and unfairly treated. Due to the fact that the people were underpaid and unfairly treated, there was no a disparity in the social class system between the rich and the poor. This is apparent in physical…show more content…
To explain, since capitalism is based on monopoly once a company gets to the top and something happens such as political regulation, or there is a market crash, a lot of people can lose their jobs, rich or poor. For example, by simply looking at America, there were several stock market crashes, inflation and deflation of the economy since the 1900’s until the present day, starting with the depression. There was the crash of 2000 and the “dotcom” crash of 2008 and at the current moment, America is on its way to another
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