Gilded Age

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Gilded: covered in gold, but that’s not the reality of this age with political corruption and corporate financial misleadings. Gilded in this case was anything but gold. Political, social, and economic conditions in the late 1800’s such as the railroads built in the south made by the slaves who were uneducated due to segregation which was ignored because slavery was over, making it seem life was golden leading to the term The Gilded Age. There were laws against certain people coming into The United States. This country was supposed to be a place of freedom, yet we were stopping people from coming into this country, certain things such as the Chinese exclusion act of 1882, which was then followed by restriction on admitting criminal + mentally ill. Japanese unskilled workers were also restricted. In 1885 a law was passed prohibiting contracted labor workers. Along with push + pull factors; Religious persecution, poverty, overcrowding, political and religious freedom, economic opportunities in the great plains and industrial jobs in the cities. Slums were a way to describe urban life in the northern cities. Wealth flowed during the 18-1900’s but only to the upper class of society. City life was overcrowded and unsanitary. Many immigrants took native born americans old home and fit two to three families in there. Urban areas faced issues with…show more content…
The Gilded age was not as awesome as it was made out to be. As read there were racial wars, immigration issues, sanitary problems, HEAVY segregation between not only race but high and low class people, lots of hard long hours put into creating railroads, farming and economic opportunities. Without the Gilded age there would be no weapons to help us fight in World War One, no electricity to manage factories and overall progress with the way of

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