Gilded Age Should Be Abolished

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To put it simply, No people should not receive a trophy just for participating. A quote from the article above States "And that 's when it occurred to me: I don 't know what happened to my shelf-full of participation trophies. If they 'd been important to me or my mom — markers, as Perez says — I would presumably know where they are." trophies that are not earned mean absolutely nothing. They also promote lazy behavior and thinking simply showing up you deserve something. From about age five and on people generally start to get more competitive, giving out prizes for nothing can dull this and slow them down in life.

Stated directly from the text above trophies that are given out for participation are meaningless. a prize is ment to be
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knowing your going to receive a prize for participating makes you lazy. If i knew i was going to get a prize for watching 200 plus hours of tv i would do it in a heart beat, but knowing that the guy who watched two hours gets the same prize would make me not want to do it. Prizes for participation leads to lack of interest and laziness. You wont receive a diploma just for sitting in the classroom staring at a board. Thats a reward that takes effort, and time. Not just time spent at school. school is not an overly competitive place but the Superbowl is.

In major sports and even some school sports they give trophies to the best. These are tokens to memorialize how they have achieved such a feat. for the winning team of the Superbowl, each member gets a ring. the team that lost gets nothing, not even a ribbon. This is incentive to try harder next time. Without that mentality people believe they can just not try and receive the same reward.

To conclude, Sports or activity 's, Major or minor; should not give participation rewards. without competition people wont work for their goals, they will simply adopt the mentality that they get a prize no matter what. The real world dose 't work like that. Schools are supposed to prepare you for the next step in life, Not drag you down. major sports dont give participation points and the players are non the worse for it. Finally, trophies for participation is an absolutely ridiculous idea and it should be
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