Gilded Age Vs. The Progressive Era

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The Gilded Age vs. The Progressive Era, The Gilded Age took place in about the 1870’s to 1900. The Progressive Era right after that from the 1900’s to 1914. This was still pretty early in the founding of our country and you could say we still had some kinks that we needed to break free of. The Gilded Age was all about problems and The Progressive Era was all about fixing those problems and finding solutions for them. I would like to bring forward some of the problems that were in the Gilded Age and then some of the solutions that came about in the Progressive Era. The First problem will be a social problem. There were many social problems in the Gilded Age some bigger than others. The social problems in the Gilded Age was the rights of African-Americans,…show more content…
The greatest political problem in the Gilded Age was the simple fact that so much of the politics and presidents were all corrupt in some way there is no politics at all if it's all corrupt. The government wasn’t certain on what they were doing. Then when the social Darwinism came along and they weren’t helping anybody. The rich were also giving money to people to form law and other things more in their favor that would be making them more rich than they already are. The presidents that were in office were also corrupt, when Grant was president, he had a few scandals while in office Credit Mobilier Scandal, Whiskey Ring Scandal, and the Trading Post Scandal. In these he wasn’t very honest and he wasn’t looking into the best interest of the country. And a few other presidents also did the same they all entered with the best intentions and then so many things happen along the way. In the Progressive Era Theodore Roosevelt was the president in part of the time and during that time he tried to as honest as he could and he stayed that way till the end of his presidency. He wanted to be honest to remedy all the corruption in the Gilded Age he wanted to put American back on the right track. Today still we are very politically corrupt, but during the Progressive Era being honest for once made a difference in our country and fixed some problems we…show more content…
The greatest constitutional problem is that the constitution favored white men over the Age of 21 that owned land. The constitution in the beginning only favored or applied to them it gave them all the good things and gave the immigrant, poor African-Americans, and women nothing till later in the Progressive Era where they started adding more ammendment to the constitution relating more than just the white man they finally gave African-Americans, women and immigrants more rights and then passes more laws that made the poor less weak and the wealthy less
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