Gilded Era Dbq Analysis

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The odds The time period of 1865 to 1900 was an era called the Gilded Age. The citizens of America saw a change in the way the country operated. The country started to become more industrialized based, while the agriculture industry decreased. Due to these changes in the economy, industrial workers and farmers struggled. In the face of power of big business and the face of the federal government, the laboring-class Americans attempted to better their lives. The laboring-class did that by improving work conditions, decreasing poverty, and trying to get increased government interactions. The laboring-class attempted to improve working conditions. Working conditions were very poor. No federal regulation of safety and no enforcement of state or …show more content…

The Gilded era was comprised of lots of private funding by big businesses, which limited government involvement and gave increased power to the big business. Political machines were an example of private business and corruption. Political machines provide the cites needs while increasing in profit. Document 5 and document 7 showcases this stance for increased government involvement. Document 7 shows the divide within a city, while document 5 speaks about monopolies and trust. Document 5 and document 7 show the purpose that individual overview is not effective. Government intervention would allow for a more prosperous and effective society instead of divided ineffective self government. Each document comes to that realization. Additionally document 5 wants to limit the monopolies or trust that have complete control over the economy with government interaction such as restrictions implementation. It also says that we are at war with humanity and its elements and that the need for the government to interaction is crucial to society. The Pullman breakout was caused by the overwhelming control of the Pullman business. The control of the private business Pullman showed how governmental regulation and intervention was needed. Government interaction between its citizens would help restrict and regulate society, allowing for a better suited society and

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