Theme Of The Gildedness In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gildedness The 1920’s were a time of luxury, jazz, riches, beauty, and haughty grandeur. When reflecting back to the time that was known to all as the roaring twenties, initially these amazing descriptors come to mind and revolve around it. However, that was sadly all just a cover, solely acting as the mask that had managed to hide all the ugliness dwelling under the surface of this gilded era. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, manages to incorporate this theme of being gilded into the text, through integrating it within the overall character development of the individuals in this novel. The element of gildedness plays a major role throughout the novel, The Great Gatsby, because this important theme acts as a parallel between both the time period, relation to the American Dream, and character development. Without delay, the first aspect to introduce, is the gildedness of the 1920’s. For starters, in order to understand the gildedness present in the characters and in the American Dream, it is crucial to have a brief synopsis from the history of the time period in real life, that is present in the novel. In general, the twenties appeared to be…show more content…
Overall, this book was one of very few, in which the author presents a humanizing element that manages to reach out and cause the reader to reflect upon themselves. It reveals how like almost everyone and everything in life, that we wear a mask, a beautiful mask to hide the faults we have, and create a perfect illusion for everyone to see. This book teaches people of the gildedness that they all carry with them. The takeaway is to not put up a front in order hide who someone really is, and in the end, attempt to be true to
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