Giles Corey Act 3 Summary

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Giles Corey was asked to name names in Act III. He was asked to say names for something he told the court about. Giles Corey suddenly shouts that he has evidenced that Thomas Putnam was trying to get his daughter to cry witchcraft so Thomas could get more of his own land. He tells the court that one of his good friends told him about Thomas. The judge asked Giles to tell him who told him. Giles refused to tell them and it backfires and he is condemned himself. Hathorne wants to arrest him for contempt of court. Corey is arrested at the end of the act for contempt in court. These are the reason Giles was asked to tell names in court because he spoke his mind to get his wife out of getting hanged. When I was about 12 years old I was asked
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