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“Why I-I cannot give you his name.” This quote was made by Giles Corey in Act 3 of The Crucible. The quote was made by Giles showed his loyalty by not giving up a name in court when he promised he would not. Giles Corey was an 83 year old man who lived in Salem. He was known for suing many people to retrieve their land. He got involved with the Salem witch trials because of his wife, Martha Corey, was accused of killing pigs. He tried everything to prove that she was innocent. Giles Corey and I share similar personality traits, such as being hard working, loyal, and dependable. A personality trait Giles and I have in common is being hard working. Giles shows that he is hard working by helping John Proctor. He helps John out by assisting him in carrying his lumber. One way I exhibit that I am hard working is by putting forth effort into band. I work as hard as I can with learning the music and the field show. Another way I exhibit that I am hard working is by also putting forth effort into school. I put all of my attention into learning and try my best to…show more content…
Giles shows the personality trait of being dependable by helping John during the witch trials. John wanted to go to the court to prove that his wife, as well as his friends’ wives, are innocent. Giles said he would go along with him and he did. I believe that I am dependable because I am there for my friends when they need me. If any of my friends had a bad day or need to talk to me about something, they know I will always be there. Besides being there for my friends, I show that I am dependable by remembering what my friends tell me. For example, if they ask me for a favor, I tend to always remember. Giles Corey and I show multiple similar personality traits. The traits that we share are hard working, loyalty, and dependability. If Giles Corey was alive today, I feel like he would be a good role model for many
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