Giles Macdonogh's Brief Critique

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To explain the cause of the Holocaust and reduce the most crucial moments in the history of Nazi Germany to one year is an incredible feat, and one performed masterfully by Giles MacDonogh. As the author of 11 other books, including After the Reich and The Last Kaiser, and an Oxford University graduate who has written for popular British newspapers such as the Financial Times, MacDonogh displays prowess as a scholar and historian. His account of what he sees as Nazi Germany 's most vital year is as compelling as it is convincing, offering the reader a disturbing glance at Hitler 's ascension and evoking forceful and mixed emotions. 1938: Hitler 's Gamble is a historical book explaining the year of 1938 and its significance in history. MacDonogh seeks to justify the claim that 1938 was the most important year for Nazi Germany. Prior to 1938, although persecution of Jews had…show more content…
Overall, 1938: Hitler’s Gamble was an informative and enlightening book that handles the escalation of a brutal conflict. The book encourages the reader to wonder, to ask questions. MacDonogh’s work is thought-provoking, fascinating, and terrifying. Still, there are criticisms, including the massive level of detail involved. Giles MacDonogh’s research has led him to become somewhat of an expert on the subject, and he writes as such. Those who know little about Nazi Germany and the people most involved with its rise to power are advised to avoid using this book to learn about it. He writes with the assumption that the reader is already knowledgeable of the subject, and so does not explain everything. It is easy to become confused while reading. In conclusion, 1938: Hitler’s Gamble is a fantastic read that makes a persuasive argument. I admire the amount of research and the sheer detail, as if MacDonogh was there himself. This book is a must have for anyone with an interest in the subject, particularly if they have plenty of background knowledge and the capacity to handle the heartbreaking
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