Gilgamesh And Bata Comparison

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Britney Corrales LLEA 151 Sept 17, 2014 Assignment #1 A hero is defined as a man who is selfless, admired, and will knowingly put his life at risk for a greater good. A man who or is willing to make an impact on the world or in someone’s life. The two heroes chosen, Gilgamesh and Bata, have many qualities that make their character unique. They both go through many obstacles to accomplish their missions and in the end; they made an impact on not just their lives, but on the lives of their people. Gilgamesh and Bata display these characteristics of what a true hero is. The author presents Gilgamesh, in the beginning, as this arrogant king who wanted nothing but power, immortality, and sex. Gilgamesh exceedingly fights battles and works for his desires. However, throughout the many episodes of the Gilgamesh, he changes and calms down because of his new friendship with Enkidu. Enkidu brings out the most important characteristic in Gilgamesh, which is loyalty and faithfulness. About half of time throughout these episodes, Gilgamesh is trying to find a way to bring his…show more content…
They did have some negative traits that weren’t likeable. Gilgamesh was an arrogant king who only wanted immortality and raping whatever women he desires (Mesopotamian 42), wife or not, and Bata was minor god, who seeks revenge on his wife for disobeying him and leaving him to be with the Pharaoh. This affects the definition of hero because a hero is selfless and should not seek revenge because things did not go their way. A hero is supposedly the “perfect” figure of good, kind, warm-hearted, and helpful. Their negative trait goes against the definition of what a hero is. Gilgamesh and Bata are definitely heroes because they displayed an amount of courage and bravery to succeed in what they want, even if there were changes to it. They both were selfless and willing to risk their lives in the hands of others. That’s what true heroes
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