Gilgamesh Character Characteristics

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Gilgamesh is an epic that has been passed down for thousands of years. The epic narrates the legendary deeds of the main character Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is two-thirds immortal and one-third mortal; however, he cannot accept his fate that one day he too will die. The entire epic tells the story of Gilgamesh’s life and searche for immortality. Through his many trials and tribulations, Gilgamesh proves that he has great physical strength. However, throughout the epic Gilgamesh also shows he is emotionally unstable and immature. The women in the Epic of Gilgamesh were powerful because of the knowledge they had. They might not have ruled in Mesopotamia, but they knew their place and they knew their knowledge was useful to others. Throughout this…show more content…
Enkidu was made because Gilgamesh was not capable of being a good King. He was too arrogant and oppressive. Gilgamesh chose to be unfair to his people. Of course Enkidu ends up being a good addition to Gilgamesh 's life. The friendship is beneficial to both Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Enkidu had been perfectly content running in the forest with the wild animals. He never wanted more, possibly because he did not know how much more the world had to offer. Until Shamhat comes and takes Enkidu 's innocence, Enkidu does not even search for more than he already has. He was happy to eat grass and share the animal 's water hole. Enkidu loses his animal-like strength but gains understanding. At the end of his life, Enkidu briefly regrets his time with Shamhat, because of what it cost him. Shamash reminds him of the good that has come from his introduction to…show more content…
Boredom causes Gilgamesh and Enkidu to make another bad choice. Gilgamesh decides to make a name for him. Gilgamesh wants to go to the great cedar forest and cut down all the cedar trees. In order to do this they need to kill the Guardian of the Cedar Forest, Humbaba. Enkidu has seen this demon and initially tries to dissuade Gilgamesh. Enkidu is not the only one trying to discourage this adventure. The elders and Ninsun also try to discourage the adventure. Gilgamesh is given many opportunities to make a different choice, but does not choose to. He continues on to make a name for himself. Even in the midst of the battle Gilgamesh is given the opportunity to spare the life of Humbaba. Once again Gilgamesh makes a choice, he chooses to slay the great demon. Humbaba then curses Enkidu. Sometimes a choice may not only affect the one that makes the choice, but others also. Gilgamesh chooses to kill Humbaba. Enkidu even tries to talk Gilgamesh out of it, but in the end it was Gilgamesh that is
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