Gilgamesh Definition Of A Hero Essay

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The meaning of what a hero truly is or entities differ from person to person. Some people believe that a hero is someone that is supposed to help everyone at all times. Some believe that a hero is someone that helps at the perfect time of need. Gilgamesh from The Epic of Gilgamesh by Danny P. Jackson went through a great journey to finally be seen as a hero and had to face many challenges along the way. Hancock from the movie Hancock faced a personal challenge. He had to find out who he truly was and what his purpose was. Without that he wouldn't have been able to become the heroic man he did. All it takes to become a hero is one split second in time to make the right decision and help someone in need. You also need someone to be there and help you along the way. Without a mentor you will never be able to achieve greater success you wish for. For example, in prison there are many groups created to help convicts turn their lives…show more content…
That abyss can be made by something that you have previously done or some type of tragic event that just occurred. Hancock’s abyss was losing his powers because of being too close to his “wife”. He knows that the only way he can not only help himself, but his wife as well, is leaving and getting farther and farther away from her. If he doesn’t they will both become mortal and die because of it. That's what a hero does, they don’t do something just for themselves, but they do it for the greater good of others around them. Gilgamesh's way of getting out of his abyss was speaking to Enkidu after his death and letting him know how loved he was, and how saddened everyone is by his passing. “All, all, all sigh, All, all, all cry for you” (VIII.I.28-29) In The Banality of Heroism it tells how no matter who you are or where you are, everyone has the capability of becoming a hero. Even being locked up in prison can’t stop a hero if that is what their lives destiny
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