Comparing The Epic Of Gilgamesh And Noah And The Flood

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Flood Stories
There are different questions that surround humanity in nature. For instance, mortality, violence, evil, love, sexuality civilization and nature, friendship and travel adventures. Moreover, super natural powers are assumed to surround humanity and they are depicted to affect the lives humans. This essay examines all the above-mentioned questions that affect human beings and life at large; drawn from two stories. These stories are “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and “Noah and the Flood”. These stories try to explain the phenomena that surround human life.
The Epic of Gilgamesh The hero named Gilgamesh was believed to be the king and judge of the underworld; this is after the death of the king. People believed that two-thirds
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A father said to the son who first saw Enkidu, “My son, in Uruk dwells Gilgamesh, there is no one mighty than he. Like the force of heaven, so mighty is his strength” (pg. 61). However, he is first seen as a bad king who ruled arrogantly, oppressive and ruled with brutality. Therefore, politics is common among people in life. Gilgamesh was remembered for building the monumental city walls of Uruk. These walls were ten kilometers long fitted with nine hundred towers. Therefore, Gilgamesh promoted development in Uruk where he ruled. Furthermore, king Gilgamesh promoted civilization. He attracts Enkindu to the urban life which is civilized. Enkindu comes from the forest, introduced to human food and clothed by…show more content…
Death is inevitable to humankind since it originates from God, who is their creator. God placed death upon humankind due to their immoral and evil behaviors. In this story, God is seen to hate evil and immorality of humankind and therefore the punisher of evildoers. Therefore, when the earth is filled with immorality and evil, God decides to punish humankind and wipes them out using a flood. However, God spared Noah due to his righteousness.
Evil and Immorality The reason why God slashed the length of humankind life is due their sins. For example, the story states that men married women howsoever they chose. Furthermore, the story says that the Lord discovered that evil filled the hearts of men, and the evil was great and perpetual. On the contrary, Noah stands out as the only righteous and blameless man on earth. Therefore, the story of Noah explains that human nature is characterized with evil and immorality. Moreover, God saw that the man on earth was corrupt and followed their flesh and the ways of the earth

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