Gilgamesh Is A Hero

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A hero can be classified by many things. A hero can be superman, a police officer, and even your mom, but what makes a hero? Is it someone who can fly or shoot laser beams from their eyes or someone who saves a baby from a burning building? I’ll admit some of these characteristics are far-fetched since I don’t know anyone who can fly or randomly saves babies on a normal day. All heroes, including super ones, all have something in common, they 're admired for their courage or an outstanding thing they’ve done. That’s what makes a hero a role model to others and their courage most likely leads to heroic deeds whether big or small. The question here is whether Gilgamesh is considered to be a hero. We already know Gilgamesh is an epic hero,…show more content…
A person who embodies all the qualities of a hero would be Rosa Parks. She showed courage which led to heroic deeds and became a female role model for all. Rosa Park or “the first lady of civil rights” was an African-American woman who became known as a hero the day of December 1st, 1955 when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. This started a civil rights movement that would change segregation of black people. Rosa Parks was arrested after she refused to give up her seat, this was all due because of the color of her skin. From that day on Rosa Parks was ready to end racial segregation, because of this choice she lost her job and received death threats for many years. What came from, it was the first glimpse of change. Rosa Park 's refusal sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was a protest against the separation of black and white people on public transportation in Montgomery, Alabama. Because of the boycott and the social protests Montgomery removed the law of racial segregation on buses and public transportation. Which, was a small step to equality. Why did this action cause a movement of civil rights and cause Rosa Parks to go to jail for it? At the time in Montgomery and elsewhere all public transportation were split into separate places for white and black people to sit. If a bus was filled and there were no places for white passengers on the bus to sit, then bus driver would ask the black passengers to give up their seats. By one person standing up for their rights and what they believe in caused a movement for change. Rosa Parks showed the qualities of a hero and embodied them, unlike Gilgamesh. She showed courage in refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man, which led to her arrest and not only the loss of her job but also her husband 's. She even received death threats for years. Because of this courage, it led to heroic deeds, the deed of hoping to end racial segregation. Even if it did happen in the long run,
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