Gilgamesh As A Hero Essay

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Gilgamesh was a legendary King from the distant pass. He was looked as a hero because of his travels with Enkidu to the cedar forest to kill its guard, Humbaba. He was famed for his great deeds as a king. He was a anti-hero and a hero in the Mesopotamians eyes. I think that Gilgamesh was a hero because it he has done many epic and risky travels. In perspective one the author is a lot more in depth about the epic. She states that Gilgamesh was upset about Enkidu's death and he set off to find the only mortal who had ever attended enteral life, utnapishtim. Gilgamesh's search took him through distant and dangerous places, including the path beneath the mountains that the sun traverses every night, until he reached the edge of the earth surrounded…show more content…
When Gilgamesh woke up seven days later he realized how internal life was not for him, and he returned home to his city of Uruk accompanied by the boatman who had sailed him across the ocean, Urshanabi. Gilgamesh's invention shows how he attained wisdom. He realized that internal life was not possible, but that he could gain immortality through fame, he had built the great city of Uruk. The seventh century epic starts with an ode to Gilgamesh as a wise man "He who saw the Deep, the foundation of the lands, who knew the proper ways, and was wise in everything." The first 28 lines of the epic praise him as having learned secrets from before the flood, when sages had given humanity the elements of civilization. In perspective two the author states more of what makes Gilgamesh a antihero or a hero. He tells the story of Gilgamesh wading through "toils" and adventures, Gilgamesh emerges as both a hero and an antihero with whom even the downtrodden could identify. This shows how Gilgamesh can be a hero but one that projected the same central image of a heroic
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