Gilgamesh Theme Of Fate Essay

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Fate brought loneliness to Gilgamesh when his friend Enkidu died, it brought Oedipus eternal sadness when he changed the path of his life, and it brought Śakuntalā an entirely different path in life when her two friends chose to ignore a guest. In all three of the plays, the play writes made it clear fate had a plan the characters weren’t ready for. You can’t change fate, no matter how hard you try, how far you run, and what you ignore, all three of these characters know this all too well. Once Gilgamesh knew of Enkidu, his dreams brought him knowledge that they’d love each other, they’d be great friends, and share many journeys together. Gilgamesh’s mother explained his dreams to him, telling him of the love they’d share, but none of his dreams would show him that fate had another plan for these two brother/friends. No matter how much Gilgamesh worked to keep Enkidu alive and close, it wasn’t meant to be, he was created from a ball of clay, his fate was not to have a human soul forever. In the loss of Enkidu, Gilgamesh traveled to find immortality, and his preoccupation of small silly matters took away his opportunities at immortality and proved his fate in life.…show more content…
When the drunkard told Oedipus of the prophecy, he thought if he ran away from Korinth he could change his fate. If he left he’d have no way to kill his father, and how could he marry his mother if his father was alive and married to her? Fate was there to prove him it had other plans for his life. After the poisonous person of Thebes was discovered to be Oedipus his fate was laid out for him, he’d already killed his father, married his mother, and had children with her as well. Which would eventually cause his mother birth mother and now wife to kill
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