Gilgamesh Wedding Scene Analysis

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Enkidu will enter Uruk, and, Gilgamesh be implementing some form of suffering on an innocent person. The wedding scene will not be shown as it was shown in the beginning. In the text, the fight between Gilgamesh and Enkidu was not described in great detail. However, because the film is made for a modern audience, a speech will be given by Enkidu in which he challenges Gilgamesh, and a lengthy fighting scene will follow. Although the result of the fight is not clear in the text, Gilgamesh will be shown to break off from the fight, and he will ask Enkidu to be his partner, friend and brother, because he was the only one strong enough to challenge him. In order to transition from one even to the other, Gilgamesh and Enkidu will be shown in a banquet celebrating their new frienship. During the banquet, Gilgamesh will propose to kill Humbaba in order to make a name for themselves.…show more content…
In the text, there is not much description of the traveling to the Cedar forest. However, in order to make the plot fit a modern audience, there will be a scene showing the two characters traveling and becoming good friends. They will finally encounter Humbaba, who will insult them and try to turn them against each other. Another lengthy fighting scene will be filmed, even though it is not described in the text. Gilgamesh will take ahold of Humbaba and will hesitate to kill him. During this time, Humbaba will begin to curse them, and while the curse is going on the weather will begin to change. A thunder storm will start. This will show bad weather as a bad omen, as understood by the Mesopotamians. Finally, Gilgamesh will be shown tearing out Humbaba’s
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