Gilgongo Short Story

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When Kilgore Trout had a conversion with the truck driver, he was impressed by the Trout’s words. That was the galaxy how it was formed and the detail about the galaxy. The star of Bethlehem also told by Trout, which was in the Bible about Jesus. Trout express his view about the vehicles in the society emitting carbon monoxide, which was the reason for destruction of the planet. Kilgore Trout was a famous science fiction writer; he had many things in his mind and creates the new and wonderful story for the truck driver. Now his turn changed towards to the anti-conservation story called “Gilgongo”. Gilgongo means Extinct. In Gilgongo many creatures were growing. But the author in this situation only saying that this place with many animals have to be cultivated. This was one of the most interesting stories where Trout revealed to the truck driver. A man arranged a party about the extinct animals. He served a plate to all the party members who contain a picture and the word “Gilgongo”. Here the creation of earth follows in the book: “People were glad that the bears were Gilgongo, because there were too many species on the planet already, and new ones were coming into being almost every hour. There was no way anybody could prepare for the bewildering diversity of creatures and plants he was likely to encounter. The people were doing their best to cut down on the number of species, so that life could be more predictable. Nature was to creative for them.” (89) Then

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