Gilles De Rais: The First Serial Killer

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Gilles de Rais was perhaps one of the most prolific child murderers of all time. He was also one of the first serial killers that have been recorded. In the 1400’s Rais distinguished himself as a military leader, fighting in some of the first wars of succession in 1420, when he was only sixteen years old. Even though he was young he was still given the job of being a personal guard to Joan of Arc. During that time he became the marshal of France; whenever Joan of Arc was captured he returned to Brittany. It is believed that Rais’s first murders began in 1426. Rais had his servants bring him children that they found in the countryside and villages that were unaccompanied by adults. After bringing the children to Rais, he would spend the rest of the night acting on horrifying acts such…show more content…
At the time he was so wealthy that his court was more extravagant than the king’s. He used his money in decorating his house and the upkeep of tons of servants, heralds, and priests. The King eventually told him he wasn’t allowed to sell or rent out any more of his lands, and Rais turned to alchemy and gained an interest in Satanism. This whole time he was hoping to gain power and become more knowledgeable, and also gain more riches by calling forth Satan. Due to getting everything he wanted and marrying at such a young age, Rais’s view of the world was warped. After Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, Rais believed that all of his years of godly service were for nothing, because God had betrayed him and killed his love. He decided to turn to Satan and give in to his unholy desires for young children and sado- masochism. His desires were unmatched in their sinful ways. His crimes against society were fueled by the fact that he thought God had betrayed him in a way. Maybe if he hadn’t been expectant of God to provide for him like his parents had, he wouldn’t have been as letdown whenever he did not get what he wanted from life or from Joan of
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