Gillespie's Stereotypes

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One stereotype talked about by Gillespie was that, “only beboppers wore beards, goatees, and other facial hair and adornments.” (Walser, 157). Gillespie had an issue with this because when he shaved it the stubble that grew back made it uncomfortable for him to play with his mouth piece (Walser, 157). Dizzy therefore decided to grow it out to prevent the mouth piece problems and he liked the fact that it attracted the women around him (Walser, 157). Another stereotype was that, “beboppers spoke mostly in slang or tried to talk like Negroes.” (Walser, 157). The issue with this one is that the artists would use the slang in their music, but the fact that it was used a lot in the black population and the fact that they used to replace words made it frowned upon.…show more content…
A third stereotype that was given to beboppers was that beboppers tried to express ideas such as segregation and the typical life of an American (Walser, 160). Dizzy found that just because they didn 't accept the racism towards them or the difference in life styles between them and the whites didn 't mean that they were being unpatriotic (Walser, 160). He continued to write songs that expressed their ideas. The fourth stereotype that was given to beboppers was that they wanted to have a lot of sex with women of different races, most commonly being black men with white women (Walser,
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