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In his essay “Gil’s Sportsplex”, Gil Fried states that Gil Giles is always obsessed with softball and thus, he tends to invest a sportsplex after he retired (1). Fried introduces Gil’s backgrounds that he is a former police officer without any experiences in running a sports facility (2). Elsewhere, Fried demonstrates various industry analyses about sportaplex, for example, the definition of sportsplex is a facility offering multiple indoor and outdoor sports (2), and the “Sportsplex Operators and Developers Association (SODA)” propose some guidelines for implementing a sportsplex, such as “developing a needs assessment, feasibility study and preliminary design”(2). In addition, Fried cites CT sportsplex information, which includes the location, population, the charging fees, sponsorship packages, and the competing component research, as a frame example for Gil’s sportsplex (3-4). For the first step of assessing needs for Gil’s Sportsflex, Fried lists Keene’s population analysis…show more content…
According to the expenses and revenues data listed in table 4, Fried explains the financial situations for Gil’s sportsflex: the primary revenue comes from tournaments, coaching fees, league fees and concession sales; while, the mainly expenses are the payroll and loan repayment (9). Despite the solutions offered in the essay, the other solution is seeking more sponsorship corporate like selling naming rights. Although Gil has a strong reputation in the community and all of his friends recommend he name the sportsflex as “Gil’s Sportsflex”(Fried, 12), I believe it is still work when adding another local company’s name or a sports brand for the facility name. Because naming rights not only generate huge revenue annually, but also selling naming rights barely cost

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