Gimpel The Fool Character Analysis

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Gimpel the Fool Written in the early 50’s Singer’s “Gimpel the Fool” reflects on important problems of society such as bullying, adultery and staying true to your moral and religious beliefs; reading through the story you may learn some lessons and realize that there is a little Gimpel in all of us. Society always had its ways with those who do not fit in. This story show us that some humans are not human. This is especially true for the people of Frampol. Frampol is a place where townsfolk get their pleasure from causing pain to Gimpel, the protagonist. He is orphan who despite being ridiculed endlessly tries to lead a normal life. People have deceived Gimpel since he was a boy in school and they continued to do so even when he started to work in the local bakery. They told him things like: “Gimpel, there is a fair in heaven, Gimpel the rabbi gave birth to a calf in the seventh month, Gimpel a cow flew over the roof…” (Singer, 955) Gimpel may be more gullible than the rest of us, still not a complete fool as he is aware of the fact that what people tell him is false. He says: “To tell the truth, I knew very well that nothing of the sort happened… but what did I stand to lose by looking? “(Singer, 955) As any normal person, Gimpel tries to fight back and tell townsfolk that they are just pulling his leg, at some point he attempts to leave the town. His efforts though are met with immediate aggression. Gimpel’s non-violent behavior leaves him no choice but to suffer the
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