Gin-Ging In The Veggie Landia Analysis

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Title: The Adventures of Gin-Ging in the Veggie Landia Ging-Ging is a very picky eater, she hate vegetables and other healthy foods. All she wants to eat are oily and junk foods. Every time her mother prepared foods with vegetables she always separates it. If you look her, she is skin-and-bone, and you don’t need a weighing scale to know that she is under weight.
One day her mother cooks a sinigang everyone in their house was excited to eat their mother’s specialty, however Ging-Ging is frowning because sinigang is full of different vegetables she hate. “Ging, stop frowning. Here have a taste.” Her brother Jose said while trying to feed Ging-Ging a spoon full of Water Spinach, but Ging-ging was quick to knock the hand of his brother, and hit a bowl full of sinigang and it fell
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Ging-Ging and the vegetables are staring to each other’s eyes. “She is the picky eater.” Said a Labanos. “She threw a whole bowl full of vegetables, she deserve to be punished.” An angry Water Spinach replied. Ging-Ging is on the edge of crying, because she can hear the vegetables talking. “I am dreaming... This is just a dream... I need to wake up. Mommy!” Ging-ging said in panic. She swayed her hands and hit all the vegetables and fruits around her. Everyone was so scared and the great vegetable armada came and tied her to a tree. And then Mayor Rody Brocolli appeared, “Welcome to Veggie Landia.” He said, but Ging-ging keeps on crying. “Stop crying kid, your mother was begging all Gods, just for you to change.” He said and the mayor raised his hand and a radish come close to him “Laila Radish released her and bring the magic cart here. We will teach this picky little kid a lesson.” Laila Radish released her and a sparkling cart made of different vegetables had arrived. “Look at yourself Kid, you are not healthy and you need to know the importance of eating healthy foods.” Said by Mayor

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