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Gingerbread Showcase Entertains Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria, BC
Who doesn’t feel like a child again around gingerbread? Amazing gingerbread creations, more than just houses, are the center of Canada’s 7th Annual National Gingerbread Showcase.

These works of art are created by professional and amateur bakers who donate their time, up to 70 hours from drawing to creation, and ingredients to support this annual event. Each entry is vying for bragging rights and prizes while supporting a worthy local cause, Victoria’s Habitat for Humanity.
The history of his amazing treat
Gingerbread originated in the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, primarily for religious ceremonial purposes. Eventually an Armenian
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Houses include everything from chateaus, to cabins, to castles.

Each design is intricate and detailed
Gingerbread houses have become an art, the center of many family holiday celebrations, with their elaborate and colorful appearance. The true spirit of the holidays is family and friend get-togethers in appreciation of everything life has to offer. Gingerbread creations provide young and old the chance to create something artistic and delicious.

A gingerbread house is a model house made of gingerbread, a crisp ginger biscuit made from the ginger nut. Traditional sweeteners usually include honey along with flavorful spices of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom. The shaped biscuits are “cemented” with royal frosting and covered with a variety of candies.

In Europe gingerbread was sold in special shops and seasonal markets in the shapes of hearts, stars, soldiers, riders, trumpets, pistols, and animals. It was especially treasured outside of churches on Sundays with religious gingerbread figures purchased for the specific event, usually Christmas or
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They were a common feature of weddings, where gingerbreads were distributed to the guests. A gingerbread shape of the patron saint was frequently given as a gift on a person's name day, the day of the saint associated with his or her given name. Gingerbread has even been utilized as a talisman in battle or as protection against evil

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