The Gingerbread Man Analysis

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Once upon a time, there lived a Gingerbread man who was imprisoned by the old man and women. As you probably know the original story about the Gingerbread man. But let me just say this is the real story, the story your parents hid from you, this is...the true story. And I’m warning you this isn 't the story your parents told you when you were a wee little pea, so be prepared…. ANYWAYS, this was the day that G. B escaped... It happened in the afternoon, at 3:00 pm sharp. There he was G. B sits in his cell, listening to the old man and women were cracking up, while drinking tea. G. B being the smug little gingerbread man he is thinking of ways to escape. Hmm...perhaps I should break through my cell….hmmmm. Thought the gingerbread man. “Ah! My arm, the joints is too rusty” Groaned the old women.…show more content…
“No!. I swear and I was so into kick the can, and wrestling” The Ginger Breadman opened one of his eyes when he heard the old man finish his sentence. “Ugh!... Arm.wrestling!??” G. B ground while slowly getting up from his nap. “Hey!... I’m pretty good at that…” G. B said while stretching “wait!...HOLD UP!..That’s it arms wrestling!” G. B exclaimed. That’s when G. B realized he would challenge the old man and women. And if he won, he would make a deal to escape safely. Yeah, that’s right! “Uh...excuse me sir,” G. B asked. “Huh!? Whaddaya want your stinking ginger smelling brat?” “Oh...uh...pardon me sir, but I would like to challenge you to an arm wrestling challenge” “Ha!..look at this fool he thinks he can challenge me to an arm wrestling challenge” Cracked the Old man. “Pardon!?..pool sinks he can manage me to a farm rest?!! Question the old deaf women. G. B snickered at the old
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