Gingledorf Narrative

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O nce upon a time in a faraway land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. One morning, Gingledorf was off doing her favorite morning thing, smelling the flowers, when she decided to stop to sit on a rock to gather her thoughts. Sometimes, this was a hard thing to do, because fairy thoughts might get sprinkled with fairy dust and then just fly away. Now, we should all remember that Gingledorf is a tiny creature who is small enough to hide in back of a daisy, or get lost under a big maple leaf. Gingledorf was the child of the queen of the fairies and the king of the moths. She had about a thousand cousins of all sorts and sizes. Some of them were moths, some were fairies, and some were fairy moths. Gingledorf just…show more content…
I want to be your friend.” Malicesandra was very surprised and did not know what to say. Gingledorf went on to tell the other fairies that with the help of some new friends she had come up with a new game. It was called Catch the Nut. With a sprinkle of fairy dust, the nut went flying all over the place. Soon the fairies were doing somersaults and back flips in the air, trying to catch it. They all, including Malicesandra, decided that it was the best fun ever, After the game, Gingledorf went back to see the children. She was quite proud of herself and thanked them for the great idea. She shyly asked if she could give them special fairy names. She decided on Princess, of course, for the little girl, Butterpickle and Chango for the twins, and Liner for the oldest boy. The children were thrilled. “One more thing,” she asked, “can we have my favorite food to celebrate? It is hot chocolate with two marshmallows and a dollop of whipped cream.” The children shouted all together, “YUM!” And so it began- the friendship that would last a life time of adventures. The four children and Gingledorf made the very best team of them

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